Kris Osborne

Photo by Marissa Lee Photography.

Kris, a culinary graduate, has a long history in both the creative and culinary worlds. She grew up in a successful, family-run restaurant where she developed a love of for cooking for others while learning the ins and outs of running a small business. Early on, she worked in the post-secondary world for over a decade honing her skills in communications, leadership and management, and project management. In 2011 she shifted careers to focus her interests back in the food, wellness, and lifestyle space. Since then, she's served as the Food Director for Farms & Forks Organics (now Mama Earth Organics) and played a key role in creative directing food, recipe, and lifestyle videos at the most prestigious food creative agency in North America.

She is a talented recipe developer, writer, food photographer, and food stylist and she has worked with brands and organizations like KitchenAid, Patience Fruit & Co., Natrel, Samuel Adams Beer, Happy Planet, the Egg Farmers of Canada, and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, to name a few. Her work has also appeared in The Huffington Post, Clean Eating Magazine, Go Gluten-Free Magazine, Imbibe Magazine, Canadian Living, Chatelaine Magazine, Impact Magazine, Eat In Eat Out Magazine, and Tuja Wellness, among others.

You will see through her work that Kris has a deep-seated passion for creativity and beauty in everyday rituals. Beyond that, she values integrity, hard work, innovation, creativity, professionalism, wit, charm, eating her vegetables, and drinking her coffee while it's still hot. 

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